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Vol 44 no 1, February 2022
Trevor John Kennedy AM 24.6.1942 – 28.11.2021
By Lesley Garrett, Anne Schofield & John Hawkins   |   February 2022   |   Vol 44 no 1

Lesley Garrett, a long-standing family friend, fondly recalls Trevor Kennedy's life and passion for collecting, amassing the most important collection of Australian decorative arts ever assembled... Anne Schofield, the source of much of the spectacular jewellery acquired for his collection, has her own distinct...

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Vol 41 no 4, Nov 2019
Book Review: Vanessa Finney, Transformations
By Lesley Garrett   |   November 2019   |   Vol 41 no 4

Vanessa Finney, Transformations: Harriet and Helena Scott, colonial Sydney’s finest natural history painters. New South Publishing, 2018, ISBN 9781742235806, 220 pages

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Vol 38 no 4, Nov 2016
Reading a spoon
By Lesley Garrett   |   November 2016   |   Vol 38 no 4

How do three spoons, two by Sydney silversmith Alexander Dick and a later spoon made in London, come to bear the same crest and initials? Lesley Garrett explores the possibilities.

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Vol 37 no 2, May 2015
Adrian Feint's flowers and fishermen: the Lesley Godden collection
By Catriona Quinn   |   May 2015   |   Vol 37 no 2

A collection of flower paintings by Adrian Feint, belonging to his friend and fishing companion Les Godden, came to light last year when they were sold at auction. Catriona Quinn researches the background of this collection, the work of Adrian Feint and his artistic friendships.

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Vol 37 no 1, February 2015
Reminders of the Great War
By Lesley Garrett   |   February 2015   |   Vol 37 no 1

The centenary of the First World War has Lesley Garrett bringing out her family’s mementoes of “the war to end all wars” – and regretting the loss of their context.

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Vol 37 no 1, February 2015
Book Review: Blamire Young
By Lesley Garrett   |   February 2015   |   Vol 37 no 1

Author Stephen Marshall is to be congratulated on writing this carefully compiled compendium of (William) Blamire Young’s watercolours, for while in his own words he is a passionate art lover, he modestly refutes being an expert on art history. Nevertheless, over 650 pages he has assembled an impressive catal...

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Vol 36 no 4, November 2014
Miss Purnell's wildflower screen
By Lesley Brooker   |   November 2014   |   Vol 36 no 4

Another of the talented women artists who came to the colony of Western Australia was Annie Purnell. She was not a professional artist, but the “Angel in the House” for her bachelor brother, the Anglican minister the Reverend Robert Purnell. As was typical of gentlewomen of the time, she would have been tra...

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Vol 36 no 2, May 2014
The Australiana Society Canberra Centenary Members' Tour 2013
By Judy & Ian Higson   |   May 2014   |   Vol 36 no 2

The Australiana Society Canberra Centenary Members’ Tour conducted from 5-8 September 2013 was extremely successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated. It was superbly organised and led by committee member Lesley Garrett, assisted by Dr Paul Donnelly, another committee member.

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Vol 36 no 1, February 2014
Book review: Tony Kanellos, 'Imitation of Life'
By Lesley Garrett   |   February 2014   |   Vol 36 no 1

In masterminding and producing this fine book, Tony Kanellos, Cultural Collections Manager and Curator of the Santos Museum of Economic Botany located in the Adelaide Botanic Garden, has provided both reader and book collector with a gem. It clearly demonstrates his care of and expertise in the safekeeping of t...

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Vol 35 no 2, May 2013
Vol 33 no 2, May 2011
Who is this man?
By Lesley Garrett   |   May 2011   |   Vol 33 no 2

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Vol 32 no 3, August 2010
Vol 30 No 4, November 2008
Midwinter in Murrumbah
By Lesley Garrett   |   November 2008   |   Vol 30 No 4

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Vol 30 No 1, February 2008
Vol 28 No 4, November 2006
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