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Vol 44 no 4, Nov 2022
William Knox D'Arcy: Art Collector and Patron
By Dianne Byrne   |   November 2022   |   Vol 44 no 4

William Knox D’Arcy (1849–1917) is remembered today as an indefatigable adventurer, who through financial daring and
extraordinary good fortune, became the ‘founder’ of the modern oil industry in the Middle East. However, there is another
facet to his life, as the ex-Rockhampton solicitor who became a...

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Vol 42 no 4, Nov 2020
James and Charlotte Cowlishaw’s ‘Golden Wedding’ Napkin Rings, c 1912
By Dianne Byrne   |   November 2020   |   Vol 42 no 4

What better way to celebrate a golden wedding than with a golden gift that symbolises affection for the recipients, their intimate connection over 50 years and carries their monograms? Dianne Byrne explores the background to a pair of gold napkin rings presented to James and Charlotte Cowlishaw in Brisbane in 1...

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Vol 41 no 4, Nov 2019
The Tattersall's Club cups: Queensland racing history in gold and silver 1884-1888
By Dianne Byrne   |   November 2019   |   Vol 41 no 4

Dianne Byrne shares some of the outcomes of her postgraduate research into 19th-century presentation jewellery and metalwork made in Queensland or for Queenslanders, focusing here on a series of racing trophies made in the 1880s for the Tattersall’s Club Cup run at Eagle Farm racecourse. Two of these were mad...

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Vol 40 no 1, Feb 2018
A Queensland colonial egg inkstand returns home
By Kevin J Lambkin & Diane Byrne   |   February 2018   |   Vol 40 no 1

Prominent colonists or officials returning “home” were often presented with a memento to thank them for their achievements in Australia. These gifts often took the form of an object that was distinctly Australian in its design or materials. Many works have been forgotten or destroyed, so it is a gratifying ...

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Vol 39 no 2, May 2017
Colonial artist John Campbell in Brisbane
By Dianne Byrne   |   May 2017   |   Vol 39 no 2

For someone who worked in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, NSW and Western Australia between the late 1870s and his death, the prolific scene painter and artist John Campbell (1855–1924) deserves to be better known. Dianne Byrne reveals a number of impressive watercolours which are mostly portraits of the hous...

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Vol 38 no 2, May 2016
Queensland welcomes a portrait of Lord Lamington
By Dianne Byrne   |   May 2016   |   Vol 38 no 2

The John Oxley Library at the State Library of Queensland has added a portrait of Lord Lamington, Queensland’s eighth governor, to its collection of historical works of art.

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Vol 38 no 1, Feb 2016
Lady Bowen's Irish harp brooch - a Queensland colonial treasure rediscovered
By Dianne Byrne   |   February 2016   |   Vol 38 no 1

In our May 2015 issue, Dianne Byrne identified a brooch presented in 1867 to Lady Bowen, wife of Queensland’s first Governor, in a photograph held in the National Library. Further detective work has revealed that the brooch is still held by Lady Bowen’s descendants in England. We illustrate it now for the f...

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Vol 37 no 2, May 2015
Lady Bowen's Irish harp brooch - a missing piece of Queensland colonial jewellery
By Dianne Byrne   |   May 2015   |   Vol 37 no 2

The practice of presenting diplomatic gifts to dignitaries goes back to antiquity. As the much-admired wife of the governor of the colonies of Queensland, New Zealand and Victoria, Diamantina, Lady Bowen received some significant pieces of jewellery and metalwork. These gifts were frequently, and often fulsomel...

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Vol 35 no 1, February 2013
Vol 34 no 3, August 2012
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